Ambien Sleeping Tablets Will Give You the Rest You Need

By | May 29, 2017

You need sleep as much as you need to breathe and eat. While you’re sleeping, your body is busy restoratively tending to your physical and mental health and getting you ready for another day.

Although a very helpful solution; a visit to your doctor to get them to prescribe you a course Ambien sleeping tablets, will most certainly add some much-needed relief; however, this alone is not a long-term, sustainable solution, but few good nights’ rest will assist you to think clearer and help you to correctly get to the bottom of your chronic insomnia woes.

In children and adolescents, hormones which promote growth are released during sleep. These hormones help build muscle mass, as well as make vital repairs to cells and tissues. Sleep is vital to development, particularly during puberty.

When you’re deprived of sleep, your brain can’t function properly, affecting your cognitive abilities and emotional state. If this continues long enough, it can lower your body’s defenses, putting you at risk of developing serious chronic illnesses. The more obvious signs of sleep deprivation are excessive sleepiness, yawning, and irritability. Chronic sleep deprivation can interfere with balance, coordination, and decision-making abilities. You’re at risk falling asleep during the day- even if you try your best to fight it- the body’s natural desire to restore itself is just too strong. Stimulants such as caffeine are not even able to override your body’s profound need for sleep.

According to Harvard Medical School, studies conducted showed that sleeping less than five hours a night increases the risk of death from all causes by about 15 percent. Sleep deprivation is dangerous to your mental and physical health and can dramatically lower your quality of life.

What exactly is affected by sleep deprivation:

Central Nervous System

Your central nervous system is the information highway of your body. Sleep is necessary to keep it functioning properly. During sleep, the brain rests busy neurons and forms new pathways so you’re ready to face the world in the morning. In children and young adults, the brain releases growth hormones during sleep. While you’re sleeping, your body is also producing proteins which help cells repair damage.

Immune System

When you’re sleeping, your immune system produces protective cytokines and infection-fighting antibodies and cells. It uses these tools to fight off foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses. These cytokines and other protective substances also help you sleep, giving the immune system more energy to defend itself against illness.

Sleep deprivation means your immune system doesn’t have a chance to build up these forces. According to the Mayo Clinic, studies show that if you don’t get enough sleep, it’s more likely that your body won’t be able to fend off invaders. It may also take you longer to recover from illness. Long-term sleep deprivation raises your risk of developing chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Respiratory System

Since sleep deprivation can weaken your immune system, you’re more vulnerable to respiratory problems like the common cold and influenza. If you already have a chronic lung disease, sleep deprivation is likely to make it worse.

Digestive System

According to Harvard Medical School, a few studies have found a link between lack of sleep and weight gain. Along with eating too much and not exercising, sleep deprivation is one of the risk factors for obesity, which can also increase chances of sleep apnea- a potentially dangerous sleep affliction.

Sleep deprivation increases the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Lack of sleep lowers your levels of a hormone called leptin, which tells your brain that you’ve had enough to eat. In addition, it raises levels of a biochemical called ghrelin, which is an appetite stimulant.

Sleep deprivation prompts your body to release higher levels of insulin after you eat, promoting fat storage and increasing your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Cardiovascular System

Since you’re more likely to gain weight if you’re chronically sleep deprived, you’re also at increased risk of problems with your cardiovascular system.

Sleep plays a vital role in your body’s ability to heal and repair your blood vessels and heart. Sleep deprivation can lead to higher risks of chronic health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes. According to Harvard Medical School- for people with hypertension, only one night without enough sleep can cause elevated blood pressure all through the next day.

These are very serious medical conditions and if you find yourself suffering from sleep deprivation; do not delay and get to your doctor immediately, so that they can prescribe the best sleeping pills available in the UK. Once you have this prescription, you can safely and conveniently order your Ambien tablets and start to see major improvements to your sleep deprivation and in turn; your health. provides high quality Ambien Sleeping Tablets.

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